Causes and treatment of lower back pain

A person can consider himself healthy until one day he feels a pain in his back. Almost every disease is felt, radiates to this area.

In addition, such sensations do not allow you to live and work in the same rhythm. What can back pain indicate and what is their nature?

Causes of back pain

A lot depends on what kind of lifestyle a person leads. Even excessive dependence on fatty foods can cause back pain. But the main causes of back pain are:

  • diseases of the spinal column;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • natural aging;
  • excessive loads;
  • pregnancy.

Functions of the lumbar part

The vertebrae located in the lumbar region have the most massive structure. They are strong and big.

This is due to the fact that the main part of the load falls here. The lower back takes on a very important function - upright posture.

doctor's appointment for back pain

In addition to body weight, other loads are placed on the lumbar spine. Athletes lift heavy weights, women try to bring huge bags from the market.

Intervertebral discs provide cushioning, but without proper care, the spine begins to change. It creates severe pain.

After sleeping, the intervertebral discs are saturated with fluid again and are ready for work. But if pain in the lower back becomes a constant companion, consult a doctor immediately.

In severe pathologies, even during sleep, the vertebrae do not diverge and access to nutrients is impossible.

Diseases of the spinal column

If the lower part of the back hurts for no reason, then most likely the reason lies in diseases of the spine. In the first place is osteochondrosis.

It develops against the background of general exhaustion caused by malnutrition, obesity, dystrophy of the muscular corset.

Excess weight adds load to the spine, the vertebrae begin to press on each other with greater force. The intervertebral discs collapse under pressure and do not have enough tears to fill with fluid.

Moreover, if a person does not eat properly, then the metabolism is disturbed, and thus the nutrition of the intervertebral discs.

Muscular dystrophy can develop due to constant stress, heavy loads and a sedentary lifestyle. The development mechanism is very simple.

  1. Muscles get too much stress. Due to lack of preparation, they freeze and accumulate lactic acid in them.
  2. Without proper relaxation (for example, massage), the muscles cannot contract. Being in constant tension, it does not allow her blood to flow properly.
  3. Without taking in the necessary amount of nutrients, the muscles simply break down.

After that, the spine is involved in the process. Bones alone cannot support a person's weight. Ligaments and muscles help them.

But, when the muscles are absent, all the weight falls on the vertebrae. Under pressure, the intervertebral disc protrudes into the holes and can compress the nerve processes.

With lumbar osteochondrosis, the patient feels pain in the lower back, radiating to the leg. The sciatic nerve is most often damaged, and every step reacts with an electric shock.

If you do not treat such a disease, you can completely lose sensitivity in the lower extremities. The same condition is observed in displacement of vertebrae, lordosis, scoliosis, etc.

The main difference between spinal lesions is increased pain after movement, as well as a feeling of relief after rest and sleep. "Stretching" the spine helps to ease the condition slightly. This must be done before going to bed.

Diseases of the genitourinary system

Pain in the lower back can occur with diseases of the ovaries in women, kidneys. In this case, symptoms may appear after hypothermia.

With ovarian inflammation, a woman experiences feelings similar to menstrual syndrome. Pain in the lower back becomes a pulling, permanent character.

If the lower part of the back hurts sharply, like a knife, a piercing, to the left or right of the spine, this indicates inflammation of the kidneys.

In this case, pyelonephritis or glomerulonephritis is possible. The doctor prescribes tests, performs an examination. If kidney stones are found, they are removed with a laser.

natural aging

People over the age of 30 complain of back pain. It can be pain due to wear and tear of the vertebrae. The speed of spine aging is related to a person's lifestyle.

If he did not overdo it in the gym, but played sports, the pain will very quickly become chronic.

The vertebra is the first to be felt because it bears the greatest load. Many scientists claim that lower back pain is our retribution for our ability to keep our backs straight.

Without proper prevention, under the weight of the body, the intervertebral discs are destroyed, the vertebrae are displaced and twisted.

Excessive loads

There is an opinion that you simply need to go to the gym once a week and push yourself to exhaustion in order to look good and be healthy.

But for any load you have to prepare. Before training, you must do warm-up, complete stretching exercises.

And gradually increase the amount of exercise. Therefore, it will be much more effective to do daily exercises.

With sudden loads, for example, with weightlifters, gymnasts, there is a high probability of sprains, bulging discs, etc.


Lower back pain during pregnancy is almost a physiological condition. With the growth of the fetus, they can become stronger, numbness appears in the limbs after sleep. This is due to sudden weight gain.

Now the spine has to hold not only the mass of the mother, but also the unborn child, which grows in a large amount of water.

Pregnant women often complain that their lower back hurts in the morning. You can avoid this if you sleep on an orthopedic mattress and pillow. And during the day, a special bandage will help relieve the load, which relieves the lower back.

As a rule, such back pain disappears after childbirth. If they last a month, you need to consult a doctor.

Diagnosis of lower back pain

This type of pain is not difficult to diagnose. It is enough for the doctor to listen to the description of the pain from the patient, to determine whether it occurs after sleep, whether it has an increased or constant character, whether there is an electric shock syndrome. And after that, the doctor can identify the main possible cause of the pain.

The basis of each treatment is gymnastics, which helps to strengthen the muscles, and massage, to relax the latter.